Moving to a new country is a major step. In order to ensure a smooth move to France, you need to be aware of the essentials. This is necessary for efficient planning and successful execution. Here are some of the main steps involved in moving to France.

Selecting a Real Estate Agent

For anyone interested in moving to France, the first step is finding a good agent. If you are interested in real estate Cannes, the agent should be able to show you all the great properties in the region within your budget. Make sure the agent holds a carte professionelle. French real estate agents usually accompany their clients for the viewings.

Preparing the Initial Contract

Once you find your dream home, whether it is real estate Cannes or a property in any other region of France, the next step is preparing the initial contract. The seller and buyer need to sign a legally binding contract, compromise de vente, after the property offer has been accepted by both the parties. The contract includes information like the address of the property in question, the names and addresses of the seller and buyer as well as the agreed price.

The contract may also include additional clauses. It is important that you understand everything that is stated in the contract. Following the signing, there is a seven day cooling period. During this period the buyer is free to pull out of the contract. Pulling out in this duration does not result in a penalty or loss of deposit. The deposit is usually 10% of the property cost and is paid into an agent’s escrow account or to the notaire. It should not be paid directly to the seller.


A notaire carries out the conveyancing process, which takes about 3 months. At the end of the process, the seller and the buyer sign the ‘deed of sale’ or ‘acte de vente’. The signing usually takes place in the notaire’s office. In case the buyer is unable to attend the signing, another person, who has been given the power of attorney, can sign on their behalf. After this the buyer is given an attestation de vente.

It is preferable that the buyer take a look at the property on completion as they will receive it in the same state. At completion the buyer is required to pay the balance of payment as well as the notaire and agency fees. The new owner receives ownership papers after about 6 months.



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