The best way to beat the blues is to color your world with a vibrant attitude. If you are going to be stuck in a funk, then let the true aspects of your soul come forward. Each person has an energy within them that can never be truly dulled. While we realize the physical world can be a little demanding and deflating, all you need to do is hone in on the power of your Higher Self, God and the Kingdom that Jesus roams in. You will then feel inflated and uplifted because sadness will begin to dissipate. The brilliance of enthusiastic color bursts, even when only in your mind, are helpful in getting you to relinquish the discouragement you may be troubled by.

Instead, stand up and celebrate your existence! Can you imagine how good it must feel when each day proffers the ability to engage in a life that is awesome in every way? This does not have to be conjecture. Rather, it is the norm for all people who abide by the unity that comes when you listen to the voice within yourself; plus adjoin with people who are like-minded and willing to help you to reach your potential. When you absorb positive words, actions and attitudes, even if your mind tells you that nothing has changed, the information going to your subconscious states otherwise. In return, without even realizing or understanding why, your life and the events in it begin to reshape themselves. Ultimately, a subtle shift from worries to contentment begin to take hold.

You must live your life with the expectations that you will achieve success, positive romance and good health. To do anything different is to send a message of failure. It would be to tell yourself that you prefer to stay in a quagmire of struggles, rather than to reach for the twinkling stars that represent your dreams and wishes. Be honest with yourself and make sure what you want is for your highest good, and at the same time, that it does not trample the rights of others. Think about treating all people, known and unknown to you, with the aspects of familiarity and concern. If not, you will only be adding to the distrust that is unfortunately so prevalent around the globe today. Most people feel that their sole voice can not make a difference, however, your soul’s voice can ring loud, clear and be the graceful notes that come from the harmony of angelic harps. Be fearless in sharing this information because they are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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