The feeling of making a zombie’s head explode with a well aimed blast from a shot gun is worth a million bucks – and gamers know that no game in the market provides this experience quite as well as Resident Evil. Resident Evil also known as Biohazard in Japan has been developed by Capcom. The game essentially belongs to the survival horror video game genre, and was originally released for the Sony PlayStation in 1996 and was later launched for PC and the Sega Saturn console.

A remake of the game was launched in 2002 for the Nintendo Game Cube console. The featured several significant gameplay changes, had better voice acting and improved graphics. In early 2006, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, a Nintendo DS port of the original game was released.

The original Resident Evil game opens up the in fictional Racoon City, where a number of mysterious and grizzly murders have taken place. A group of unknown assailants have been attacking people in their homes, and as proved by the investigation indulging in cannibalism as well…

S.T.A.R. first assigns the Bravo team to assist the local authorities, but they soon disappear without a trace. Then the Alpha team is sent to continue the investigation and they soon find themselves trapped in an abandoned mansion. It is at this point that the player takes control of the character and the game begins. As one his first of many horrific discoveries, the player finds one of Bravo team members Kenneth Sullivan, being eaten by a Zombie. The character eventually realizes the mansion far from being abandoned is actually a death trap riddled with traps, puzzles and of course ugly zombies. To complete the game the Player has to kill anything that moves.

Most of the Resident Evil secrets were good, but they were much too similar to each other to live up their prerelease hype. However, all this has changed with Resident Evil 4. The story too is more interesting than its predecessors. The president’s daughter has been kidnapped by a religious cult and the player, playing as special agent Leon Kennedy has to rescue her from a mysterious hamlet located somewhere in Europe.

Resident Evil 4 has been designed so perfectly that even those who didn’t flinch while watching Stephen Kings Kujo, will get serious case of willies while playing the game. Capcom this time around have paid perfectionist attention to the animation and graphics, and the background music is so creepy, that its controls the emotions of the players like puppet on string. So brace your heart while playing Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4,is without a shadow of a doubt one of scariest games to have ever been created. Action never gets stale and A.I is so smart that any false move on your part might end up making you the Zombies next snack. If you haven’t played this one already, then are missing a great treat.

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