Croatia is a sort of hodge-podge of the best parts of every other European country. The Italian walled towns and sprawling villages of red-roofed houses seem to mix with the quiet habours of Greece, the yacht-filled marinas of France, and Spain-like mountains.

Many property investors can appreciate this charm and have caused the areas in and around historic Dubrovnik and hip Hvar island to explode in popularity. In these locations a two-bed apartment tends to start around 300,000 and you’ll be hard pressed to find a villa under a 650,000 price tag.

However, one could sacrifice just a bit of the glitz for a more reasonable cost by moving up the coast to the towns of Split and Zadar. Recently new roads and an increase of flights have made this still largely unspoiled area more accessible.

It is because of this that developer Andrew Piper has come to the area. He is currently developing properties in Sutivan, a beautiful, quiet village situated on the stunning island of Brac, getting there is easy as an hour-long ferry ride from Split. With the creation of stately apartments and communal recreational facilities there are now many properties available on the edge of the picturesque Sutivan harbour.

This is one of the many small, gorgeous towns of Brac with clean streets, stone houses, and lovely cafes and restaurants along the harbour’s edge. “I wanted to find a location full of potential, something more than an investment with the scenery in mind” says Piper “Brac is a friendly and peaceful island and it has all of the services and comforts homeowners need.”

Piper believes that purchasing property in Croatia can create an affordable opportunity to live the lifestyle usually only found in more costly residences, such as Northern Italy.

A Kavanjin apartment starts at 124,000, Cushman and Wakefield and Piper also offer Croatia properties beginning at 77,000 in Putinak, which overlooks the gorgeous Sumartin harbor in Brac, they operate through local company Broker Supetar.

That price would be greater still in countries such as Italy, Greece and France, but who needs to pay that high cost when Croatian property can offer it all?

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