Today is a very special and important day for all of us, because today is the first day of the rest of our lives! Now I know I am at risk of sounding cliche, but in our cases here today this is actually very true. You see, hopefully each and every single one of us will leave here today with a whole new understanding of what we must focus on from here on out… not just to build our businesses, but to grow as complete individuals, and to be able to truly start living the lives that we dream of having.

First, let me start off by saying that I am no Tony Robbins… I don’t have his special gift of gab. I do not know the English dictionary word for word, and I do not go into these long wonderful speeches or have everybody walk on fire or anything like that.

Next, I’m not here to motivate you… If you are not already motivated or absolutely determined to make something out of yourself & get the all the things in life that your heart desires, then you should go to YouTube and do a search on motivational speakers or grab a Tony Robbins box set. I am here to show those who do want to better themselves, and whom are already motivated to make a better lives for themselves and those around them, how to go about setting up a proper foundation for the rest of their lives and how to effectively Market & Advertise their businesses in this modern day & age.

Finally, I am not here to play “Mr. Nice Guy” or to hold your hand and baby you through this process. I go about my training with more of a “tough love – in your face” kind of approach, and if you do not like it… I ask that you find another mentor like Richard Simmons. Succeeding in business takes individuals who are strong. Not just physically, but EMOTIONALLY & MENTALLY!

Ok, so before I get into the training part… Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my background and how Mapping Out My Millions came into existence. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was a middle child with one older sister and one younger brother. We moved a lot! I lived in Hawaii, Colorado, Minnesota, Georgia and Oklahoma, before spending my teenage years in Florida. I am one of those weird guys, who’s parents are still together, you know? I always had a business frame of mind… Selling pet rocks as a very young child, putting on horrible concerts in my back yard, starting a photography studio as a young adult, and failing in several business ventures before finally finding incredible success, and earning a full time income using nothing but the internet. I then started M.O.M.M. to help educate others on the steps necessary to take in order to find similar success.

The morals of the story or “the points” to all of this are:

A- Sometimes it takes longer than we would like for our dreams to come true. We may feel like giving up and going with our “back up plan” but I think this is absolutely the wrong idea. I sincerely believe that you must go with your heart and soul… NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES! (Think Actress Helen Mirrem, who worked as an actress for several of decades before winning an Oscar.) We have to remember that everything happens when and how it is supposed to. This has been proven to me personally time and time again!

B- It is because of the internet that I am able to wake up anywhere in the world (as long as I have an internet connection) and I can do what is necessary that day to earn an income… And it is due to the internet that I am able to live such an incredible life!

With that said, let’s get into the training. Question: How many of here are in business? Raise your hands. Most of you, great! Ok, how many of us have a blog or a website in place online, in order to promote our business or handle client orders, etc? Keep your hands raised. Some of you huh? Now, how many of those with your hands raised have a “Capture Page” or a “Squeeze Page” in place? Awesome, I see a few people over here with their hands raised, the rest of you are like “what the heck is a capture squeeze thingy” right? Don’t worry, I am just trying to feel this group out a bit. Ok, how many are involved with an MLM style company, or business in which you must build a downline or team underneath you? Good, you can put your hands down. How many of us have our very own products or services that we may be trying to promote? Great, how many feel like they are back in grade school and wish I would stop asking so many questions?

The reason I ask is because I am trying to get a better understanding of where this group is at… But in the best interest of everyone involved, we are all going to start from scratch today. So for the sake of argument and for the purpose of this session, we are all back at square one. I have to be honest with you as this is my favorite place to be along the journey, because no matter how hectic things may get I can always go back to the very beginning and get reorganized and re-energized. Also, by putting myself in this mindset, it is almost like being a child again with no fears or pre-conceptions of what is going to happen to me in the future.

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