Buy the colors of chocolate that you need for each type of mold, for example, orange is suitable for basketballs. Melt the chocolate, fill the molds, set the lollipop sticks in place, and let the chocolate harden. Use plastic lollipop sachet wrappers or cellophane paper, both found at your local craft store, to wrap the chocolate lollipops in. Use ribbon to tie the wrapper and as a nice touch.

A classic party favor that never goes out of style is the candy-filled baby bottle. Use baby blue bottles and embellish with ribbon and other types of decorative adornments.

No matter what birthday you are celebrating, if it is the first or the ninety-first, you are going to need birthday supplies. Some of the supplies needed may vary according to the age or the person, but some supplies remain the same no matter what the person’s age. Be sure that you choose accordingly.

Begin by choosing a theme for the birthday party. The birthday supplies that you choose will depend on the party theme. For younger children, there are several themes available on whatever the popular cartoons are at the moment. In addition you will find classic themes like that of the cowboy or fireman.

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