Physical Impediments

The next type of weakness that we’re going talk about is the physical one. Depending on the exact type of physical problem this can be easy to resolve or can be nearly impossible. If you want to understand how this weakness works, imagine that you wanted to become a graphic designer.

However, you didn’t own a computer; you had no access to Photoshop and you wouldn’t have known how to create something in Photoshop even if you did. In this situation, two of the physical blocks could be solved with money. You could buy a computer to do graphic design on and you could buy a copy of Photoshop, or sign up with Adobe’s monthly subscription program to get access.

However, the last one is a little bit more difficult to manage. It is actually one of the biggest reasons that people put off starting their online business or their road to success for so long, because they think they don’t have the appropriate training, schooling or experience. In the case of our graphic designer, they could develop the skills that they need by watching online tutorials and by starting to create graphic designs. However, that would depend on whether or not they had a computer and access to the software.

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