Mental Blocks

The last type of weakness that we will talk about is probably the most difficult to face. These are the mental blocks; the things that you believe or think that keeps you from achieving your goals. Mental blocks can be difficult to overcome because the first step is to identify them and this can be extremely hard to do. Facing the facets of your own personality that are self-destructive and are keeping you from being successful is a scary proposition. In fact, figuring out what these mental weaknesses are is probably the hardest step.

Once you’ve figured out what is mentally keeping you from success then you can start to take steps to remove these mental blocks, one by one. What you will normally find is that these blocks aren’t helpful and they certainly aren’t logical. You might have a fear of failure that is based on some past event that has no real bearing on your life today, but since that mental block is always been there, it seems like it belongs.

You have two choices when it comes to these mental blocks: you can cultivate a failure mindset, reinforcing it every single day with negative self-talk – even subconsciously – or you can chip away at those mental blocks every day until you have removed them completely. What is interesting is that both of these take about the same amount of time. You just have to decide if you’re going to shore up your mental blocks or work on removing them.

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