In any office you’ll see signs put up on the notice board and around the walls to inform staff of meetings, memos or upcoming events for example, instead of using new paper recycle the back of used paper for information that’s just for casual use, it doesn’t have to be particularly formal or sent out to customers after all. Simply turn the paper over and print on the clean side, thus saving on your paper bills. Once both sides have been used up then it can be put in the office paper recycling box to be sent off. You’ll be amazed at the amount of paper you can actually get through on a daily basis and staff and visitors will be impressed by your attempts at saving the earth!

Manila folders are another source of expense but they can easily be salvaged for all kinds of things, even if they have become a little bit worn. If they are to be stored in a drawer anyhow it really doesn’t matter what they look like as long as they can still do their job, don’t throw them away if they are slightly torn – it’s easy enough to stick two together to make a whole new one! Research recycling in Australia for ideas and tips on how you can help in the area where you live.

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