Ok, you found a home you like, now what? Next you need to make an offer. If you are using a realtor then this part is easy. You will make an appointment to place your offer. The realtor will get all the paper work together and you will meet with him or her to sign.
If the home you are buying is for sale by owner, the seller may already have the paperwork needed or you can go to several places online and find the forms you need.  https://infusedk2paperforsale.com/

If you don’t know much about real estate laws, it might be best to have your attorney draw up the papers or look at the papers the seller already has. You need to decide what price you are going to offer. If the house is listed for $250,000 and you only want to pay $245,000, then that is what you would offer. Remember if your offer is lower then the seller is willing to accept, they will probably give you a counteroffer. Making an offer on a home is a negotiation. After you have decided on an amount, you need to pick a date in which you wish to close the deal and take possession of the home.

Typically 30days is the normal amount of time. Are there any repairs you wish the seller to make before purchase? If so, then you want that that to be included in your offer. If you are getting a mortgage and already have a pre- approval letter from the broker, you need to include that with your offer. This shows the sellers you are serious and you have a good chance of getting the mortgage needed to make the purchase. There is also a thing in offers called a contingency, this is a condition that if it is not met, you can back out of the contract. Remember once you sign an offer it is legal and binding so if the seller accepts your terms you are committed to buy that home. One condition, you want to put in, is that the home gets a valuable inspection, if you have someone look at the home, and they tell you it’s going to fall down any day, you probably don’t want to be obligated to buy it. A contingency is your legal way to cancel a contract. Next, if the sellers are to leave anything in the home such as air conditioners or appliances it is a good idea to have that written out in your offer.

Basically when you put in an offer to purchase a home you want to get everything in writing so you will know exactly what you are getting. After you sign your offer and everything is filled out, you will have to give a check called earnest money deposit, this is similar to a down payment, it shows good faith that you do intend to buy this home.
This deposit will be deducted at closing. In process of buying a home, the offer is only the beginning of all the paperwork that is involved, so make sure everything is right before signing this legal and binding contract.

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