Would you like to learn the Hindi language? Sure, this is not very easy, but definitely feasible if you opt for the right approach to do it. There are a wide range of resources out there and it isn’t an easy task to find out which one is the best for your learning style: Hindi is a hard language if you just attempt to learn the grammar, and many learners struggle with it because they’re studying in an abstract way: just memorizing rules, words and very basic sentences isn’t the most useful way to learn how to speak the language quickly. https://hindinetfly.com/

What is missing? The fact is that without communication your mind will not acquire it naturally. So, you’ll probably waste a lot of time with programs that only teach you something about that language, but never how to speak! Experts found out that, surprisingly, there are generally two main problems that Hindi learners deal with. The most important one is learning how to use complex verbs.

Why did I decide to write this article? As a student of Hindi (University of Rome), many people often ask me “Is it possible to learn Hindi online?” I only knew of very expensive courses like Rosetta Stone (200/500€), but some weeks ago I found a very good Hindi program and I wanted to recommend it to other Internet users. It is not extremely popular like Rosetta Stone, but several friends of mine told me about it and I decided to give it a try! I was amazed by the quality of it (especially the “immersion” part) and I am now in the final part of the course.

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