Typically, CBD only stays in your system for a few hours. While this is still longer than other cannabinoids like THC (which usually just stay in the body for a couple of days after ingestion), it’s much shorter than most people expect. If you have consumed orally and are concerned about testing positive on drug tests, then don’t fret! It won’t show up during normal screenings because they typically test for levels higher than what is naturally found within the human body  https://shopihemp.com/blog/f/thc-and-cbd-how-long-do-they-stay-in-your-system

People who use CBD products tend to report feeling its effects anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour after consumption . As with all things related to cannabis though, results will vary depending on many factors such as weight, metabolism rate, tolerance level etc… Once again: if you are concerned about drug testing then it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and wait for at least 30 minutes before consuming more CBD.

The same applies if you are smoking or vaping with a high-CBD strain: do not smoke/vape too close to your desired time because once again, the effects can take up to an hour

On the other hand, THC tends to stay in the human body much longer than its counterpart . In fact, researchers have found that traces of (THC) could remain in one’s system for weeks after consumption! Some studies suggest that it remains detectable even ONE month later!.

Difference Between THC And CBD?

THC and CBD are both types of cannabinoids, but the effects that they produce in the human body vary greatly.

In fact, THC is psychoactive , which means it provides a “head high” effect that can make users feel anxious or paranoid if taken in large doses . Conversely, CBD is non-psychoactive (it won’t give you any ‘high’)

However, research has shown some links between medical benefits such as pain relief and anxiety reduction with specific strains containing higher amounts of THC than CBD. In other words: not all high-CBD products will provide you with medicinal properties; likewise, not all high-THC products are good for treating chronic pain.

Despite their benefits you need to know how long THC and CBD can stay in your system. It’s important to note that as cannabis is becoming more widely accepted, the number of high-CBD products are on the rise .

That said, if you’re planning to take a drug test for work or school soon , it’s key to know how long weed remains detectable by testing labs. Here we’ll break down exactly how long these compounds can remain in your body after consumption.

Before taking any CBD product we always recommend that you ask your doctor,  as CBD can interact with certain medications. Also, as a matter of course, we encourage users to be conscious of the amount of cannabis they consume and how often they use it.

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