One of the biggest headaches for any homeowner, apartment renter and certainly city dweller is what to do when the junk piles up. We all try to stay clutter free but after years of residing in the same place things just have a habit of multiplying. Old furniture, ugly gifts from long lost relatives, kids toys, items from the hobby you don’t care to do anymore. All of these take up precious room and need to be removed on occasion so there is space for the shiny new things that you want to buy.

There are also those times when you decide to renovate and get rid of all the old cupboards and flooring that was making your life miserable, replacing them with nice new fixtures, but creating quite a mess for yourself in the process.

During renovations and spring-cleaning rituals the biggest question that comes up for all of us is: What do I do with all this junk?

The Friend With The Truck

Everyone seems to have a ‘friend with a truck’ and they appear to be the logical choice when looking for a way to remove the junk from your life.

However, these friends are only available at a time that suits them, which may not be a convenient time for you. Along with that you have to know where to take the different kinds of junk you are hauling. Some of it should be recycled, some of it should be donated and some of it needs to be disposed of at a proper facility. In many places this means running all over town wasting an entire day or more (depending on how much stuff you have) battling with traffic and delays as you deal with the staff at the different locations.

Putting It Out With The Trash

Most municipal garbage trucks will refuse to pick up certain types of junk. In many places tougher recycling laws prohibit anything that can be re-used from ending up in the landfill. If you try to sneak your junk out with the trash then you may find not only your junk still sitting on the curb but also your legitimate garbage too.

In city centers in particular it is illegal to place furniture and other renovation materials out in the street or in communal garbage containers. If you are caught the city or the strata council of your building could fine you.

Doing It Yourself

If you do not own a truck you will need to rent one and then break your back lifting, carrying, disposing and doing it all over again until your home is clear of clutter.

Is this really the way you want to spend your precious days off from work?

Why Choose a Junk Removal Service?

Convenience is certainly the number one reason to use a professional junk removal service.

– They come to your home at a time and date designated by you.

– They come prepared to haul away anything and everything (the only exclusion would be hazardous waste as this requires special permits and handling procedures).

– You do not have to move any of the junk yourself. The team members will come into your home or apartment and cart the junk from where it is sitting out to the waiting truck.

Another important reason for using a reputable junk removal service is the fact that they will ensure all materials and objects are taken to the right places. They will recycle, re-distribute to charities and dispose of renovation waste in the appropriate manner.

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